Our main objective is to reduce the risk and the workplace accidents through an integral and personalized service tailored to customers needs. This entails significant economic benefits to our customers.

Peradejordi is at the forefront of safety techniques such as technical consultancy and offer a comprehensive product that allows us to be able to cover the various fields of engineering, preparation of studies and technical projects, risk prevention, self-protection and emergency plans, industrial safety, certification, health and technical training.

Our team has engineers, chemists, biologists, technical architects, doctors, psychologists, physiotherapists, competent technicians in self-protection plans, senior technicians in risk prevention, etc. all complemented with a last generation instrumental.

Also, Peradejordi is an organization accredited by the Labor Authority as External Prevention Service in the fields of Work Safety, Industrial Hygiene, Ergonomics and Applied Psychology and Health.

The constant innovation of the company allows us to use dba tools capable of managing the security in a much more practical and affordable way to facilitate customer actions.


ABP Investigación de Siniestros

A specialized leader company in the sector whose main activity is the investigation of the origin and cause of fires and explosions in different scenarios.


Clúster de Seguretat contra Incendis

The Fire Safety Cluster of Catalonia (CLUSIC) is an entity that is born by the initiative of companies specializing in fire safety willingness to cooperate to increase their competitiveness through internationalization, research and development of joint projects.



The Catalan Association of risk prevention accredited companies (Asprecat) is the association representing the External Prevention Services in Catalonia.


Escola de Prevenció i Seguretat Integral de la UAB

The School of Prevention and Integral Safety (EPSI), attached to the Autonomous University of Barcelona and located on the campus of Bellaterra (Barcelona), offers university studies in the field of prevention and comprehensive security and safety.


IDES – Institut d’Estudis de la Seguretat

The IDES is a foundation created by the engineering associations in order to develop tools of general interest and public service vocation for analysis and dissemination of safety among professionals and society in general.


PERADEJORDI has an agreement with the company VPO Vision Protection Office, located in Ryadd, as an accredited company in the field of fire safety and emergencies for the development of projects in countries of the Middle East.